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Let’s Visit Lewes says The Daily Telegraph

Lewes featured as the “Let’s Visit” town in the Saturday section of

The Daily Telegraph last weekend. It was an obvious time for this historic town to be included, coinciding with the spectacle of Bonfire on 5th November. “Not for nothing is Lewes dubbed the bonfire capital of the world,” said the paper, which went on to describe the procession and background to the annual event.

The Depot independent cinema, Glyndebourne, the Love Supreme Jazz Festival and Harvey’s Brewery all got a mention, as did Pelham House Hotel as a place to stay. However, Pelham House actually closes its doors as a hotel this weekend as it readies itself to become a wedding venue. Fortunately, there are still plenty of fabulous places to stay in and around Lewes if you are thinking of paying a visit. Short Stay Lewes has a collection of wonderful bed and breakfast and studio properties just waiting to look after you. And you can check availability straight away on the website and book instantly, sure that you have your desired place to enjoy all that Lewes has to offer.


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